American Football Demo at the Sarajevo Electrical Engeneering High School

On Wednesday, December 7th, 2011, sports gym of Sarajevo Electrical Engeneering High School was the location of the first American football presentation. It was done by the members of the American football club Sarajevo Spartans, in cooperation with the School administration, led by principal Fahrudin Alihodžić, as well as physical education teacher, mr. Armin Daguda. Two groups of 3rd and 4th graders had a chance to familiarise themselves with the basic rules, techniques and equipement used in American footbal.

This visit was just one out of many that are planned withing the project called "Be a part of the Team". Primary goal of the project, as Sarajevo Spartans assistant coach McAfee says, is to educate young people about this sport and create awareness of the existence of an American football club in our nations' capital, hopefully increasing the speed of creation of the new clubs in B&H.

Judging by the number of questions asked after the demo, it is very possible that some of the students of Sarajevo Electrical Engeneering High School will become new members of the club and widen the Spartans' players list.

Pictures of the visit to the School can be seen on our Facebook page.


Spartans abandon Otoka

Last weeks' practice at Otoka was the last practice Sarajevo Spartans are going to have on that field by the end of the year. The change was a result of the weather conditions that are common for this time of the year in the Capital. During the next few months practices are going to be held at the enclosed artificial-grass field of the HEAD Academy in Hotonj, near Sarajevo. Spartans have had a cooperation with this sports brand during the last winter when they also needed a place where they could improve both their fitness and their plays.
Winter training schedule will be made out of Saturdays' practices (starting at 11:30), and Sundays' practices (starting at 10:30). Players will be traveling to Hotonj together, using public transport on the route Sutjeska - Vogosca. They are scheduled to meet in Sutjeska street on Saturdays at 10:30, and Sundays at 9:30. The Junior flag football team is also supposed to meet at the time listed above. Anybody who is interested to start practicing or just to watch and learn more about American football, is welcome.
Fortunately, this change is only temporary so we should see Spartans back at Otoka as soon as winter leaves Sarajevo.


Junior Flag Football Spartans

For kids 10 to 15 years old that would like to play American football and avoid injuries, the Junior Spartans Flag Football team was created. If you want to play this sport, learn the roles, and become stronger, faster and more durable, join us.
Flag football is a sport played all around the world. The basics of the game are the same as in American football, except for the fact that the play is stopped when a ball carrier gets one of his flags taken off the belt that he is wearing. This prevents injuries that usually come from the tackling in American football. There are even flag football leagues in the region and tournaments are played on both regional and continental levels. Practices will take place twice a week and will be conducted by senior team members.
Feel free to visit one of our practices (Wednesdays 4 pm, Saturdays 9 am, and Sundays 4 pm) near the Olympic pool in Otoka, or call one of our contact phone numbers to receive more information.

New season – New photos

We would like to inform you that a new image gallery, containing practice pictures, has been created for the 2011-2012 season. It is located under “Gallery” tab, on the left of the page, where you can find pictures from various Spartans’ practices. We hope you will like them. The gallery will be updated occasionally and new pictures will be added.
Pictures can also be found on our Facebook group. Press “Like”, and follow the development of the only Bosnian American football club. Access the group here.

New season begins

Saturday’s practice, the first after the summer break, marked the beginning of the new season. Practice started with a club meeting where the new practice schedule was announced. The Spartans will meet in Otoka on Wednesdays at 5 pm, Saturdays at 9 am, and Sundays at 5 pm.
It is very commendable that a lot of players showed up for today’s roll call, and those who failed to appear were excused. Arrival of new members is expected within the next several practices. Contrary to expectations, today’s practice didn’t lack intensity, showing that the Spartans used the summer to stay in good shape. A new practice program was created during the month of August, and it proved to be successful. It is important to note that American football coaches from the region participated in creating new practice program.
Images from the first practice of the season can be found in the image gallery and in the club’s Facebook group, which you can access here.



Summer break for the Spartans

Sunday's bad weather was not a good enough reason for players of Sarajevo Spartans not to gather for the last regular practice of this season. Bypassers had the chance to see the eight players who practiced in mud and rain. The priority was to cover all skills that the players had learned and practiced over the last several months, while at the same time evading injuries caused by the bad weather and the unsuitable field.
Summer break will last for the entire month of August. Rollcall is planned for Saturday, September 3, 2011, when the first practice of the new season will take place. The month-long break will certainly come in handy for the players who have thus far been unable to recover from their injuries. Practice on Thursday September 1, 2011 will not happen due to the Ramadan Eid holiday.

SFF Orbico family day

The municipality of Novo Sarajevo, in corporation with Sarajevo Film Festival, has for six years organized “Orbico Family Day”, which will take place at Vilsonovo Šetalište (Wilson’s Promenade) on July 30th. This all-day event will be dedicated to families, focusing on the promotion of family values and sport with “I love sport” as this year’s slogan. It will give a chance for the young participants to play and learn about the film industry.
The Mayor of Novo Sarajevo municipality, Nedžad Koldžo, reminded the public that the promenade would be reserved for the youngest participants and audience of the 17th Sarajevo Film Festival (SFF), as well as their families and friends. SFF director, Mirsad Purivatra, highlights that the kids program is getting better and better each year. Orbico will represent some of the leading brands from its selection using music and dance, rewarding those who are the most skilled and lucky.
The Sarajevo Spartans American Football Club will also take part in this year’s Family Day, placing their stand between the History Museum and the National Museum. From 11 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon, visitors will have a chance to learn more about American football, rules and equipment, while children will have the opportunity to take part in a mini-training time and try on proper protective equipment and learn how to catch a ball and make a tackle. The Spartans will also use this occasion to promote their club as well as the sport of American football and recruit new members. Zlatan Čilić, quarterback, thinks that his club is ready to present themselves to public in order to show the real spirit of American football in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
We are using this occasion to invite you to enjoy the nice weather and spend the day in the shadow of Wilson’s promenade at Orbico Family day.

(Parts of the text taken from Sutra.ba)


Red alert for all clubs in the region: The Spartans have new equipment

On Friday June 17th, 2011, three captains visited Belgrade and bought 7 sets of protective equipment. Eldar Hamzagić, Boris Ivanković, and Mirza Slatina started their journey at 6 in the morning. After a 7-hour bus ride in the scorching heat, they arrived in Belgrade, where they met with Andrej Tasić, the representative of Ultimate Gear (www.ultimate-gear.org), the only company selling American football equipment in the region. After a short meeting with a quarterback of a well-known Serbian club, Belgrade Wolfs, a cooperation deal was negotiated between our two clubs and a visit by the Serbian club is expected in the near future.
Taking the equipment, the three captains had just enough time left to try McDonald’s at Zeleni Venac and see for themselves the quality of the company that will soon enter the Bosnian xafs. McDonald’s met the players’ expectations.

At 4 in the afternoon, a bus headed for Sarajevo left the Belgrade bus station. Although very tired, Hamzagić, Ivanković and Slatina used the time on the bus to plan the details of the next day’s training on June 18th. After another 7-hours and roughly 350 kilometers traveled that day, the bus arrived back in Sarajevo at 10:30 in the evening. To prove their adherence to domestic cuisine, the day ended with ćevapi in a nearby restaurant.

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